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A friend who filmed topless mum pictures

This is the first picture of the woman driver who filmed excruciating footage of a topless mother leaning out of a car window and fatally hitting her head on a road signpost.

Ivanna Boiarchuk, 32, has been cleared of ‘unintentional murder’ over the tragic incident when the women were on holiday in the Dominican Republic, according to local reports.

Her friend Natalia Borodina, 35, suffered fatal head injuries as she leaned far out of the window of the car the pair were traveling in while it was in motion, hitting the signpost at speed.

Ms. Boiarchuk’s picture appears on her Ukrainian passport released to the local media on the Caribbean island.

A court in the Dominican Republic has cleared Ms Boiarchuk after earlier reports said she was held in detention on suspicion of being intoxicated as the pair drove back from the beach.

The Ukrainian woman was driving as well as filming Ms Borodina’s antics on a mobile when the horrific accident happened.

The video of the tragic incident went viral, but a Russian journalist based on the island, Elina Sergacheva, said after the court hearing that Ms Boiarchuk ‘is not to blame for the tragedy.

‘As a driver, she did not commit unlawful acts. Her friend died by her own negligence.’ 

The journalist said that in the wake of the horror, Ms Boiarchuk was held by police while investigations were conducted and an emergency court session held.

The session exonerated her, say local reports.

Natalia Borodina, from Moscow, is filmed by her friend as she leans out of the window of a moving car in the Dominican Republic

The 35-year-old can be seen with her upper body hanging out of the passenger side

Ukraine’s honorary consul Andrea Biamonti confirmed the verdict.

‘Ivanna was found not guilty,’ said the diplomat.

‘She is free and can leave the country at any time’,’

From the court, the Ukrainian woman returned to her hotel, but it is unclear if she has left the holiday island.

Some reports suggested Ms Boiarchuk had been living on the island and worked as an interpreter. 

Lesya Grogol, 53, her aunt, said in Ukraine: ‘She is beautiful, she looks after herself.

‘She graduated from two universities in Kiev, then went to study in Spain. She went to the Dominican Republic to work.

‘She is an interpreter, fluent in English, plus has legal education.’ 

Tyre marks evidently show the dented red Kia Picanto car butted the yellow kerb at the moment of the tragic accident.

Article source: Express Digest

Impact: She lets her upper body and arms hang free as the car drives down the highway, and is seen hitting a lamppost

Ms Borodina is originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, but then moved to regional capital Chelyabinsk, before relocating to Moscow

Natalia’s son is pictured here with his grandfather Boris, 58, at the academy where he works

Natalia’s father-in-law, who serves in Vladimir Putin’s navy, pictured wearing his admiral uniform

Ms Boirachuk used her mobile to film her friend letting her upper body hang out of the passenger side car window as they drove back from the beach near Punta Cana.

Ms Borodina playfully stuck her finger in her mouth and laughed at the camera, but within seconds, the video shows the impact.

She was rushed to hospital but died of severe injuries.

‘The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car,’ reported Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Ms Borodina’s former husband Alexandr Palagushkin, 37, an academic who studied in London, is battling to be given custody of their son Ermak, 11.

He claimed he and his father Boris Palagushkin, 58, a rear admiral in Vladimir Putin’s naval reserve, were fighting to keep the child out of a grim Russian orphanage.

But now Natalia’s sister Yulia Artemova, 42, has said that she will continue to look after the motherless boy with the consent of his father. 

Ms Borodina (left) was killed when she smashed her head into a road sign (right)

The is the Kia car that Ms Borodina’s friend was driving when she was killed

Police have now identified the road sign that killed Ms Borodina (pictured) and detained her 32-year-old companion

Ms Boirachuk used her mobile to film her friend (pictured)  letting her upper body hang out of the passenger side car window as they drove back from the beach near Punta Cana

Tyre marks evidently show the dented red Kia Picanto car butted the yellow kerb at the moment of the tragic accident which killed Ms Borodina (pictured)

Natalia’s friend Elena Korolyova said her friend (pictured) did not deserve to be judged by her reckless behaviour that led to her death

Grieving friends of Ms Borodina – who lived in Cannes, France – called her a ‘caring daughter and good mother’ to her 11-year-old son. 

Natalia’s friend Elena Korolyova said the dead woman did everything she could for her family.

‘She helped her poor family with everything,’ she said. ‘Nobody else worked, only Natalia.

‘She wanted to get everything, she was hoping for a better future.’  

Tragedy: Ms Borodina, seen in a photo posted on her social media page, died in hospital

The 35-year-old had reportedly been working as an estate agent in Cannes, France

Glamour: Ms Borodina’s social media account paints a picture of a fun-loving woman

Anastasiya Akulenko, another of Natalia’s friends, said: ‘She and I were married to two brothers.

‘She parted with her husband, he has a new family now and doesn’t see his son. Natalia was very upset because of her divorce.

‘She was a caring daughter and a good mother, and she supported her family.

‘Recently she lived in Cannes and was sorting out visas as a business.’

It has also been reported that Ms Borodina worked as a real estate agent.

‘She could work from any spot, she just needed a laptop, this is why Natalia used to travel a lot.

‘Her son lived with her for a while but later asked to send him back to Zlatoust because he missed his granny.

‘Natalia never forgot about her family and often came to see them.’

Russian consular officer Zurab Peradze said: ‘I have been in touch with the local prosecutors’ office to gather information about the accident.

‘The investigation is going on now.’ 


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