Alicia Amira on E!’s Botched wants to look like a ‘sex doll’

Plastic surgeons have refused to operate on a woman who is determined to transform herself into a sex doll. Alicia Amira, 27, from Copenhagen, Denmark says she wants to look like a ‘f*** doll’ with the help of cosmetic procedures.

The model appeared on Botched on Thursday night to ask the show’s doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to fix her ruined breast implants. 

Alicia Amira, 27, from Copenhagen, Denmark says she wants more plastic surgery to look like a ‘f*** doll’ – but surgeons on Botched refused

The blonde had a botched breast augmentation that left her with infected boobs, and now has one hard breast

The doctors told her she would have to reduce her size 650CC boobs so they could be repaired but she refused to have a smaller bust.

Alicia then asked for a Brazilian butt lift and rib removal to give her a smaller waist, but, again, the doctors implored her to change her mind as these surgeries cold put her life at risk. 

She has already the started the process of ‘bimbofication’ by having breast implants, Botox and fillers in her cheeks, nose and lips.

Alicia bought her tattooed boyfriend Roblake – who has the words ‘made it’ inked on his face – along to the consultation with doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. 

She said: ‘I told him right from the beginning that I was very fascinated with big boobs and long blond hair and everything like that and he was like: “Alright”.  

Alicia Amira

Alicia Amira quit her job as a PR to become a full-time ‘living doll’ by having plastic surgeries to look like Barbie

Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif refused to change her boobs unless she went down to a smaller cup size

‘I was like really, really goth when I met him. I just started one year ago to transform myself. It’s called bimbofication. I don’t want to be an airhead but basically what it is, is to look like a male fantasy. 

‘I want to look like a f*** doll but I don’t want to be a f*** doll. I know that is very contradictory but I feel like my body is a form of art.’  

Last year Alicia enlarged her breasts from ‘nothing’ to 650CCs but these got infected, which hardened her right breast.

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In the consultation room, Dr Dubrow explained she had grade 3 capsular contraction – something he could only fix if she got smaller implants. 

But Alicia refused to go smaller – and then she revealed she’s not even close to being finished yet.  

When she was 25, she saved around £3,500 so she could have breast implants to increase her boobs from a D cup to a J cup

Alicia Amira is planning to have a Brazilian butt lift and rib removal to give her a smaller waist next

She said: ‘I want a Brazilian butt lift and rib removal as well to [make the waist smaller]. I’d like an internal corset to always make the waistline slim and bigger boobs.

‘At one point I even thought about sewing my fingers together because that would create a doll hand.’ 

The doctors looked horrified and told Alicia those procedures were all ‘very dangerous to do’ and she could end up putting her life at risk if she went ahead. 

Dr Dubrow added: ‘You’re an intelligent girl, make good intelligent decisions.’

Undeterred, she said she was ‘sad’ the doctors had refused her requests but said she would get the procedures done elsewhere. 

Alicia Amira quit her job in PR to become one of the full-time ‘living dolls’, a group of plastic surgery addicts who drastically transform their looks so they can look like Barbie and Ken dolls. 

Alicia’s boyfriend appeared on Botched with her and is happy with her transformation

She previously said: ‘I’ve always been attracted to the extreme and wanted to look like a bimbo.

‘Some people think I’m mad but I don’t regret having the surgery. In fact I’d like my breasts to be even bigger in future.

‘I want to look as plastic as possible and inspire other girls to do the same.’

When she was 25, she saved around £3,500 so she could have breast implants to increase her boobs from a D cup to a J cup – despite being 5ft 6in and a tiny size 8.

She says she doesn’t want to go under general anesthetic too many times so is planning to have multiple procedures done at once.


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