Bruce Dickinson is seen with fitness coach Leana Dolci

Bruce Dickinson, 61, and his girlfriend Leana Dolci, a fitness blogger and journalist in her forties, share a giggle outside the Paris apartment where they are living yesterday

The Iron Maiden frontman and Leana Dolci appeared close and at ease in their company as they chatted happily together on a chilly Autumn afternoon in the French capital yesterday 

Leana Dolci (pictured) is described as an Iron Maiden ‘superfan’ who has followed the band around for the last 10 years. She works at various gyms in Paris where she works as a fitness coach

Dickinson and his wife Paddy have three children from a 29-year marriage, having quietly separated last year. Paddy lives in west London and is currently in South America on holiday

Pulling a large black suitcase, it appeared that they were heading off for a short break, as they exchanged loving smiles and glances while strolling through the French capital.

Leana Dolci

Bruce and Leana Dolci, who has been described as an Iron Maiden ‘superfan’ by friends, are living together in her £1million apartment in Paris. In a recent interview, he admitted that he lived in the city ‘with my girlfriend.’

On her Instagram page, Leana Dolci calls herself a ‘flower child with a rock and roll heart’ and says ‘I love the days that begin with you next to me. In bed. Naked.’ She regularly interviews rock stars on web channel Duke TV.

After news of their relationship broke, a friend of Leana Dolci was reported as saying: ‘Leana has always been a huge Iron Maiden fan, following them around for nearly 10 years.’

A neighbor of the couple said they often see Bruce and his younger lover Leana Dolci strolling through the neighborhood – and told MailOnline: ‘Bruce and Leana appear very much in love.

‘Bruce is trying to speak French but it is not necessary for Leana because she speaks English very well.

‘Bruce has been living here in Paris for quite some time.’

The rocker quietly separated from his wife last year following what was considered one of the most stable marriages in the music industry. 

This was reinforced in 2015 when his singing career almost ended as he battled stage three throat cancer after doctors discovered two tumours on his tongue.

Dickinson, who is a rock icon, was carrying a suitcase as he was seen with his lover in Paris. In a recent interview the singer admitted he was living in France ‘with my girlfriend’

Neighbours living in the block where the couple live in an apartment worth £1 million told MailOnline Dickinson had been there for ‘a while’ and said the pair seem very much in love

Paddy nursed him back to health at their home in Chiswick, West London, as Bruce underwent nine weeks of chemotherapy and 33 sessions of radiation, getting the all-clear after six months.

Bruce later wrote about his cancer battle in his 2017 autobiography, ‘What Does This Button Do?’ He also told Rolling Stone magazine how surviving it changed his outlook on life – saying: ‘Living is living now, every minute, every second, for right now.’

Bruce and Paddy married in 1990 after dating for two years. Previously, he was married to Jane Dickinson for four years from 1983 but they had no children.

Bruce and Paddy’s three children, Austin, 29, Griffin, 27, and daughter Kia, 28, have all reportedly met his new girlfriend. The two boys have also followed in their father’s footsteps, pursuing careers as singers and also have their own bands.

Dickinson, who battled stage three throat cancer in 2015, has reportedly introduced Dolci to his grown up children Austin, 29, Griffin, 27, and daughter Kia, 28, with second wife Paddy

Leana Dolci (above on holiday in a bikini) calls herself a ‘flower child with a rock and roll heart’ on her Instagram page – and says ‘I love the days that begin with you next to me. In bed. Naked.’

While Bruce and his new love braved the French cold, Paddy has been traveling around South America to get away from it all. Leana Dolci is currently in Peru, where she visited Machu Picchu, the ancient Aztec citadel set high in the Andes mountains. Prior to this, she toured through Bolivia and Brazil.

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The man who created “The Biggest Loser” is seen by many as a man who knows his business, and it’s no different when it comes to fitness. Bruce Dickinson’s expertise in the field of strength and conditioning is undeniable, and that is apparent when you see him on the Oprah Winfrey Show or the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

Although he was not a professional body builder when he took on the role of “The Biggest Loser,” Bruce Dickinson knows that his bodybuilding expertise will translate over to the strength and conditioning of someone who wishes to be. His first workout routine on the “The Biggest Loser” consisted of five sets of five repetitions, followed by two minutes of rest.

He does not do weight lifting every day. He does however do it three to four days a week for the sake of building lean muscle mass and getting rid of unwanted body fat. When he works out with a professional trainer, Bruce Dickinson is able to incorporate strength and conditioning exercises into his daily workout routines.

During a meeting with a fitness trainer Leana Dolci at a gym, Bruce Dickinson was asked about his current fitness regimen and he said that he has never had any problems with injuries. That is why he is a perfect candidate for a job with an athletic agency. He has a great deal of strength and conditioning training in his background, which means that he can handle his job in an effective manner.

When asked if he was interested in pursuing a career as a strength and conditioning and nutrition specialist, he said that he would consider it, but he is not looking forward to the physical and mental exertion involved in it. Instead, he prefers the task of helping others achieve the same goals as he has. Although he has been involved with helping others get in better shape and lose weight, he enjoys his job so much that he would love to stay involved for a while longer.

The Biggest Loser was a huge hit, so much so that Bruce Dickinson will be back on the show this year, this time as a coach. If the ratings continue to rise, this could be a long-term career move for the man who started it all off. Although he has had some high profile TV appearances on the program, it has not yet achieved the level of success that some people thought it would when it started.

There are many people who hire a trainer to work with them on a weekly or monthly basis. Some of them like to stay in shape, while other prefer to focus more on fitness.

The trainer in him is probably not satisfied with the way that he does everything, but he is not a masochist or a couch potato. He has a great deal of energy, and that is something that many Americans are starting to realize. He understands that staying healthy is very important.

It is possible that Bruce Dickinson has a good idea about the type of role that a fitness trainer plays in the fitness industry today. His own life experience has proven that to be the case. He has learned that he has to take his work home with him if he is going to keep his health at a good level. This means that he might want to take on the role of a trainer, but that is one thing that he cannot do for himself.

That is not to say that he will not enjoy the work that he does as a trainer, though. He is someone who has a lot of energy, and enjoys the challenge of helping others reach their fitness goals.

His time spent with the trainer will be limited, but that does not mean that he does not get the opportunity to exercise and stretch his muscles. Even if he cannot do them during the time that he is training, he has the luxury of choosing when he will be able to work out. He can get a good workout by doing some stretching exercises and cardio workouts.

Bruce Dickinson has seen what life can be like if he stays in shape. He has a clear view of the difference that it makes to his life. It is a benefit that he has been able to achieve the kind of results that he has with the support of the right trainer


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