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Caliber 5.56 NATO Versus 7.62×39



Caliber 5.56 NATO Versus 7.62x39

I consider the subject of this article to be one of the top three arguments of the firearms community. There’s Glock versus 1911, 9×19 versus .45 ACP, and 5.56 NATO versus 7.62×39. Caliber wars can be exhausting, and the answer is so subjective, that I don’t think there will ever be one that is final. However, unlike choosing your favorite football team, choosing a caliber is usually influenced by data and logic. Purpose, ammo availability, and weapon type can and should influence your choice of caliber. All your guns must be protected through custom leather holsters so that every remain safe and sound. Today, we are going to look at the individual properties of our competitors and then compare the two.

Fast and light: 5.56 x 45 mm

The 5.56 is an intermediate cartridge. The .22 caliber projectile is small and derives its effectiveness from its speed. Depending on the specific load, the 5.56 can reach speeds ranging from 1,100 to over 3,000 feet per second. The most common bullet weights are 62 grains, 55 grain, and 77 grain. Barrel length also plays a big role in bullet effectiveness. Longer barrels, like the original 20-inch barrels used in the Vietnam conflict, give the bullet much higher velocity than the now popular 10.5- or 11.5-inch barrels.

The 5.56x45mm was based on the .223 Remington, which was developed in conjunction with the AR-15. It saw widespread use in Vietnam, and users began to criticize the cartridge, stating that it often failed to pitch and yaw, leaving targets on their feet. This problem worsened as the barrels were shortened. Originally the 7.62x51mm was adopted by NATO, but after realizing it was unwieldy when firing fully automatic, the 5.56 was adopted.


 Ball weight: 55gr, 62gr, 77gr

 Bullet diameter: 0.224″

 Case Length: 1.760″

 Velocity: 1,100 – 3,000+ FPS

 Maximum range: about 600 meters

In many ways, 5.56 is the equivalent of 9mm in its caliber war. The smaller cartridge means more cartridges can be kept in a smaller space. The cartridges themselves are lightweight, which means shooters can carry many more cartridges on their bodies. Felt recoil is minimal when shooting 5.56, and a wide range of accessories and spares are available to tame it even more.

One of the caliber’s biggest drawbacks is that its ballistic performance relies on pushing a small projectile at breakneck speeds. This means that the bullet can pass through a target much more easily while leaving a small hole.

Slow and Heavy: 7.62 x 39

The 7.62×39 is the most common place caliber in the world. People have been using it to win or take away freedom for decades. The cartridge is based on a .30 caliber projectile. Speeds can hover around 1,000 FPS on the bottom but exceed 2,400 FPS on the top. Bullet weights differ, but the most common are in the 120-food grain range. While the cartridge is primarily known for its association with AK-type rifles, some have sought to cram the large cartridge into AR-15s. Due to the shape of the round, curved magazines are required for reliable feeding.


 Ball weight: 117gr, 123gr, 124gr

 Bullet diameter: 0.309″

 Case Length: 1.524:

 Speed: 1000 – 2400 FPS

 Maximum range: about 400 meters

If the 5.56 is the 9mm, the 7.62×39 is the .45 ACP. Bullets are heavy, which makes them slow. The recoil impulse can be strong but feels more like a gentle thrust than a hard punch. The size of the bullet also means a large wound channel, giving the bullet a greater chance of damaging a vital target. Inexpensive military surplus ammunition is often easy to find, which also makes it easier to afford long days on the range.

The weight of x39 ammunition is a disadvantage that cannot be ignored. All that weight adds up quickly and can lead to fatigue. Additionally, while inexpensive ammo can be found relatively easily, most of it is old, corrosive, and may have reliability issues. Due to the shape of curved mags, good mag holders can be difficult to locate. The 1911 shoulder holster is the ideal one for you and your weapon.

What is better?

There is no right answer to this question. I know it’s boring, but the truth is, like all things, both calibers have pros and cons. I don’t believe one is safer than the other. Much like the 9mm vs. .45 debate, it all comes down to the personal preference of the shooter.

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A Guide to Vaping: What You Need to Know




What is Vaping?

Vaping has quickly become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the interest of individuals from various walks of life. The practice involves inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic device, commonly known as a vape. Unlike traditional smoking, vaping does not involve combustion, making it a potentially less harmful alternative.

The Appeal of Vaping

The rise of vaping can be attributed to its multifaceted appeal. Many individuals are drawn to the wide array of flavors available in vape liquids, offering a customizable and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the act of vaping has been associated with the concept of “cloud chasing,” wherein enthusiasts aim to produce large vapor clouds, adding an element of excitement to the activity.

Community and Culture

Vaping has fostered a unique community and culture, with enthusiasts coming together at vape shops, conventions, and online forums to share experiences and knowledge. This sense of community has contributed to the widespread adoption of vaping as a social activity, further solidifying its status as a cultural phenomenon.


Perplexity and Burstiness

The perplexity of vaping lies in its evolving nature, with new devices, flavors, and trends constantly emerging. This continual innovation creates a burstiness that maintains the interest of enthusiasts and attracts newcomers to the vaping community, ensuring that the culture remains dynamic and engaging.

Vaping as a Lifestyle Choice

For many individuals, vaping represents more than just a recreational activity; it has become a lifestyle choice. The ability to personalize and customize the vaping experience, coupled with the sense of community it provides, has led to the integration of vaping into the daily routines of many enthusiasts.

The Future of Vaping

As vaping continues to gain momentum as a cultural phenomenon, it is poised to have a lasting impact on society. With ongoing technological advancements and a growing community of enthusiasts, the future of vaping is characterized by innovation and inclusivity, cementing its status as a significant cultural trend.

In conclusion, the rise of vaping has transcended its function as an alternative to traditional smoking, evolving into a cultural phenomenon that encompasses community, lifestyle, and innovation.

With its multifaceted appeal and dynamic nature, vaping has secured its place as a prominent aspect of contemporary culture, promising to shape the future of social and recreational activities.

Article Credit: vape shops Honolulu

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Tips for buying the best fence for your home




A fence for your residence is something of much importance, and it also is a considerable investment. So you need to ensure that you are investing in the right place and that you will get the desired item with ease.

To get the best fence, you must also find the perfect fencing company. And knowing which company is the best can be difficult as well. Fortunately, there is the fence company Chesterfield that has the best fences and fence services to offer to the locals. You can visit them anytime and look at the several available fences for your home.

  • Know the purpose

Since a fence can serve many purposes, it needs to be selected with care. You should know which purpose your fence serves, and according to that, you will buy the fence. Sometimes the fence’s goal is to protect, while at other times, we use the fence for beautification.

  • Consider the regulations

Sometimes the state does not allow certain styles or designs of fences in a specific area. In that case, you should consider the local regulations from the authorities before finalizing the design. This way, things will go the way you want them to.

  • Consider maintenance

You would not like to have a fence requiring much maintenance and care. Instead, you would prefer a fence that needs less maintenance and care. Do not go for very complex designs in the fence that must be cleaned carefully.

  • Know what you are buying.

Before you buy a fence, be sure that you know what you are buying in the first place. This is important because many fences are out there, and you would want to make sure you want to go for the best. Know the material used, its properties, what makes it so unique, and all its features.

  • Know the climate of your area.

The next thing to consider is the climate of your area. Consider the climate to ensure that the fence you are going for would be ideal for your home. Your local fencer can help you know about it all.

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What are the benefits of metal roofing?




When you are choosing a new roof for your house, you will see a lot of options available for you. You can pick any material from these and go shopping for the best kind of roof for your house. However, the task of finalizing one material would be endearing, and you will need to get yourself prepared to find one that you like.

Now ask yourself what kind of roof do you want and why?

The metal roofing St. louis is a great option when it comes to the selection of the best roof for your house. And there are a lot of benefits that it has to offer to the homeowners as well.

In this post, we are going to show you the several benefits that you can get from metal roofing.

Take a look at these and then go looking for the best metal roofs out there.

  • The first thing about a metal roof is the strength and durability that it has got to offer to homeowners. The expected years of perfect performance of a suitable metal roof are more than fifty, and if you follow good tips for care and maintenance, you can even enjoy it for about 70 years.
  • There is a vast variety of metal roofs available in the market that are just perfect and good for your house’s beauty. Therefore, selecting the design and style of metal roofing in the market would be fun.
  • The interlocking of the metal panels of this roofing is another benefit that homeowners enjoy. This barrier against the wind provides resistance so the homeowners are safe and protected inside.
  • In case of a fire, roofs made from other materials are most likely to get trapped in a fire. However, the metal roof is prone to any of these problems and will remain indifferent to the fire.
  • The metal roofing keeps the homes more relaxed in the summer, thus providing better energy efficiency to the homeowners, where they can enjoy a superb indoor temperature.
  • Since the metal roofing panels are lighter, they keep the house’s structure intact and strong for years to come. They help preserve the structure’s integrity and keep it firm for years.
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