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Harvey Weinstein’s first wife Eve Chilton was an assistant



Eve Chilton

Much is known about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long career as a Hollywood executive as well as his relationship with designer Georgina Chapman, but the same can not be said about his first marriage. Eve Chilton was working as an assistant for Weinstein at Miramax back in 1986 when she caught her boss’ attention, and within a year the two were exchanging vows.

At that time there were no films with Oscar buzz or parties filled with A-list stars surrounding the couple, and Weinstein was far from the wealthy executive he would become one day.

Eve on the other hand was the well-off daughter of a prominent New England family who enjoyed summers on Martha’s Vineyard, meaning that it was Weinstein who appeared to be marrying above his rank.

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And for the next two decades, as the money started pouring in and the A-list stars piled on, Eve stood quietly by her husband’s side while giving birth to their three daughters: Lilly (22), Emma (19) and Ruth (14), who was born just two years before the couple split.

First wives club: Harvey Weinstein, 65, began dating Eve Chilton when she was working as his assistant at Miramax in 1986 with the pair marrying a year later (couple above in 1999 at the Academy Awards)

Renee Zellweger and Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton

Eve Chilton

WASP: Eve (left with Renee Zellweger in 2002, right with Weistein in 2004) was a blueblood who spent her summers on Martha’s Vineyard, and her family ancestors include the first attorney general of the United States

Eve Chilton

Fresh start: Eve is now remarried to remarried Sal Martirano (above) and lives with her three daughters and his two sons in the suburbs of New York

The couple’s union came crashing down in 2004 however, and they soon went on their separate ways after agreeing to the terms of their divorce,.

In Weinstein’s case that was into the arms of the two-decades younger British-born designer Chapman, with whom he now has a daughter India, 7, and 4-year-old son Dashell.

In the case of Eve it was to towards a more peaceful existence in the suburbs, where she remarried Sal Martirano.

The couple quickly combined their families as well, with Eve’s new husband having two sons from his previous relationship that were roughly the same age as her daughters.

Photos of the pair on Facebook show the mother-of-three beaming alongside her new beau.

Eve Chilton

Taking it to the streets: Weinstein out in NYC on Friday (above)

That was not always the case during her time with Weinstein, with Eve usually seen trailing him on a red carpet or sitting silently beside her husband as he shook hands and schmoozed with whenever he got the chance at events and openings.

And Eve was no fan of small talk or public spectacle according to those who interviewed her husband.

Among the many major profiles of Weinstein that ran over the years in publications such as Vanity Fair, New York, the New Yorker and The New York Times there was little to no mention of Eve and never a single comment from the wife of America’s most infamously temperamental film executive.

That was because Eve, unlike her husband, did not care to be a public person or offer up any private information about her family.

This approach was likely the result of her upbringing and her family’s ties to some of this nation’s most esteemed forefathers.

Her mother Maude was a descendant of Edmund Randolph, the first Attorney General of the United States, and her great-grandfather founded the nation’s first global law firm, Hunton and Williams.

Friends in high places: The couple had three daughters over the course of their 17 year marriage: Lilly (22), Emma (19) and Ruth (14)

Friends in high places: The couple had three daughters over the course of their 17 year marriage: Lilly (22), Emma (19) and Ruth (14)

Bed with a view: The two kept the details of their divorce settlement under wraps, but it was revealed that Eve gained possession of their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West

Bed with a view: The two kept the details of their divorce settlement under wraps, but it was revealed that Eve gained possession of their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West

Stairway to heaven: She eventually sold off the 5-bedroom, 6 ½ bath apartment for $23 million, before movie to Rye and marrying Martirano

Stairway to heaven: She eventually sold off the 5-bedroom, 6 ½ bath apartment for $23 million, before movie to Rye and marrying Martirano

Eve’s father Tom meanwhile was an investment adviser who worked with clients in the Boston area as well as on Nantucket and the Vineyard.

The family also belonged to a number of prestigious clubs, most notably The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts.

That is the all-but-impossible-to-join establishment that after three years of deliberating finally approved New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele for membership this past summer.

Eve headed to New York after college, and former Miramax employee Mark Lispky speaks about the relationship that blossomed between her and Weinstein as soon as she began working at the company in Peter Biskind’s 2004 book ‘Down and Dirty Pictures.’

Wife number two: Georgina Chapman was also seen stepping out on Friday in NYC

Wife number two: Georgina Chapman was also seen stepping out on Friday in NYC

‘It seemed like not even a day [passed] before he was all over her,’ said Lipsky, who was head of distribution at the time.

‘For possibly a couple weeks or so there were a dozen roses on her desk when we walked in to work, to the point where we had to confront him and say: “You can’t do this, it’s an office not your personal, sexual playground.’

The pair were enamored however according to their fellow employees, who began calling the pair ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ 

They married in 1987, and Eve and her sister Maude soon became crucial test audience members for Weinstein, who managed to earn the ire of the women when he made them sit through ‘Reservoir Dogs.’

Eve is depicted as loving and devoted and selfless by all those who speak of her in the book, whether she was trying to get her husband to see a trainer, remodeling his office or avoiding the gossip and petty disputes her husband always found himself involved in.

Weinstein and Eve Chilton welcomed their first daughter Lily in 1995, followed by Emma in 1998 and in 2002 had Ruth.

Many of the sexual harassment incidents that were revealed in The New York Times expose occurred during these pregnancies or just after one of the three births.

Weinsten was also quarantined for two months at the turn of the century after coming down with a bacterial infection while on vacation in St Bart’s, never offering up more of an explanation at the insistence of Eve according to a 2002 New Yorker profile written by Ken Auletta.

In 2004 the divorce was finalized, but the two still attended events together as though they were a couple, showing up in November of that year for the 32nd Annual Promise Ball in New York City.  

The two kept the details of their divorce settlement under wraps, but it was revealed that Eve gained possession of their 5,500 square-foot apartment at 88 Central Park West.

Eve Chilton eventually sold off the 5-bedroom, 6 ½ bath apartment for $23 million, before movie to Rye and marrying Martirano.  


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When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?



When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai

Are you planning to explore Dubai? There’s a reason why more than 15 million people visit Dubai each year. When is the best time to visit Dubai, though? And what should I know before I plan my trip? Here’s how to decide when is the best time to visit Dubai.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about visiting Dubai.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

When planning a trip to the UAE, there are several factors to consider. Continue reading to learn about the best places to visit in Dubai, as well as the rules for visiting.


Dubai is generally hot and dry all year, with some minor variations from month to month. This could be one of your factors in determining the best month to visit Dubai.

The hottest months are April to October, with July and August being the hottest, with temperatures reaching 41°C. The high humidity (due to its location in the Persian Gulf) at this time is also something to consider.

Because there is extensive air conditioning in hotels, shopping malls, and all indoor venues, the type of vacation you seek will also influence the time of year you can visit. Temperatures in November and March are slightly cooler, but still sunny and pleasant, ranging from 28 to 31°C.

Temperatures reach a high of 26°C between December and February. December and January have the highest average rainfall, but it is still very little (7 to 8mm).


The majority of the rules for visiting Dubai do not apply only during certain times of the year.
However, due to the nature of these rules, you may need to take the weather into account further.

For example, it is critical to dress appropriately in public. This entails wearing clothing that reaches your knees and covers your shoulders. Given the high temperatures and potential discomfort of wearing long clothing in the heat, this is something to consider.

Other aspects of Sharia law to remember are that public swearing and loud music are prohibited.


The best time to go sailing in Dubai is during the cooler months of December to April.
However, September to November is also a good time to rent a yacht in Dubai.

It is also possible to participate in a variety of watersports, such as jet-skiing, banana boating, and even parasailing. Fishing trips are generally available between November and May, and tuna, snapper, and other species can be caught!

Even on hotter days, cruising and sunbathing on the deck before it gets too hot is a great activity. On the other hand, what could be more romantic than an evening sunset cruise?!


The Dubai calendar is filled with a variety of events. If any of these appeal to you, it may influence your decision about when to visit Dubai.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival in January
  • Jazz and Food Festivals in February
  • The Al Marmoom Heritage Festival takes place in March.
  • Ramadan (April-May)
  • July to September – Surprises in the Summer
  • Saudi National Day is celebrated in September
  • August is the Islamic New Year
  • Dubai International Film Festival, UAE National Day, and Emirates Independent Day are all celebrated in December.

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a massive event that is a must-see for both shopaholics and families. There are numerous promotions, attractions, and celebrations going on. Finally, the ‘weekend’ in Dubai occurs on Thursday and Friday, rather than Saturday and Sunday. As a result, all businesses are open on Sundays, whereas Friday is considered a holy day of the week.


When planning your vacation, keep the cost of your vacation in mind. The earlier you book your flights and accommodations, the lower the prices will be. Hotel prices do not typically fluctuate significantly throughout the year. The cheapest months are May and June, when temperatures are at their highest and crowds are at their lowest. Discounts are frequently available during this time, making it an ideal time for budget travellers to visit.

Meanwhile, the most expensive months are October and November, when the weather warms up and visitors flock for a winter vacation.

When Are You Going to Visit Dubai?

We’ve now gone over the various factors that influence the best time to visit Dubai, so you can start planning your next vacation. Whether the weather or a specific event is important to you, a trip at any time of year will not disappoint.

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Advances in Gas Turbine Technology: Trends and Solutions



Advances in Gas Turbine Technology

Efficiency and innovation drive the power generation and gas turbine industries. Recent industry trends, as well as trends beyond 2022, reflect this. Renewable energy and natural gas are becoming increasingly popular in power plants around the world, and these trends, among others, present opportunities for innovation. Furthermore, there are persistent issues that the power generation industry has yet to address, such as rising energy and fossil fuel demand, as well as rising emissions. Efficiency and innovation at every stage are critical for industry players. Gas turbines, a common source of power generation, have come to the forefront of the efficiency debate. This post will provide an overview of gas turbines, factors influencing performance and efficiency, and innovative turbine solutions.

Gas Turbine and Power Plant Types

It is frequently necessary to determine whether a gas turbine is truly the best fit for your power plant. Gas engines are a common alternative to gas turbines, and they are typically used in smaller projects. Gas turbines are better suited to larger-scale projects. Aero-derivative gas turbines and industrial gas turbines are common turbine types, with common turbine manufacturers including Siemens, General Electric, Ansaldo, and Mitsubishi. Open-cycle gas turbines are frequently used in power plants. Because the requirements of each power plant differ, you must thoroughly understand the theory underlying each option in order to make the best decision.

Gas Turbine Performance and Efficiency

Gas turbines are currently only about 60% efficient, though experts predict that this percentage will rise slightly by 2020. The performance of gas turbines is affected by a number of factors, including high temperatures and humidity, as well as losses and fuel. The truth is that unless you thoroughly examine your GT power plant, systems, and turbines, you risk huge inefficiencies. Your gas turbines will suffer reduced power output in extreme heat or humidity, especially if you operate in high ambient air conditions like the Middle East. As average temperatures continue to rise year after year, this is a problem that must be addressed immediately.

TIAC and TESTIAC Gas Turbine Solutions

Fortunately, several innovations are available to improve turbine performance and efficiency, including Turbine Inlet Air Cooling (TIAC) and TIAC combined with Thermal Energy Storage (TES). A Turbine Inlet Air Cooling system is the ideal solution for dealing with hot and rising temperatures. TIAC maintains a constant air temperature in the turbine’s inlet air, allowing for power enhancement and increased turbine efficiency. If you don’t have the capacity to install another turbine, or if you do, but want a more cost-effective way to increase both power output and profits, TIAC is the ideal solution for your GT Power Plant. Depending on your requirements, there are many different types of TIAC systems available, with technologies such as wetted rigid media, fogging, wet compression, chillers, and so on. TESTIAC is a hybrid of TIAC and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). By incorporating a TES Tank into your GT Power Plant, you can generate cooled water during off-peak hours and use it to cool the turbines. This type of combination has numerous advantages, including smaller load sizing, lower capital, and operational costs.

Gas turbine control system

The gas turbine control system lowers fuel emissions by accurately identifying unstable operations. Turbine control systems may cover excessive fuel emissions, fuel control, and vibration monitoring (eg-GE Fanuc and GE Speedtronic systems). Turbine control system components include IS200VVIBH1C, IS2020DRLYH1A, etc.


Gas turbines and GT Power Plants are the power generation industry’s future. They continue to provide the most dependable and efficient power generation solutions, and with innovative solutions such as Turbine Inlet Air Cooling, they will continue to lead the industry in 2022 and beyond.

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6 Reasons Why People Love Visiting Pink City




pink city

Jaipur or pink city is a beautiful city that is infused with colorful colors, attractive arts, traditional sculptures & artefacts as well as glorious forts. The metropolis is quite popular among tourists and everyone should visit Jaipur once in a life. 

Pink city is well-known for offering numerous things to enjoy in the day as well as explore the night beauty. Several tours & travels company like India Incredible keep on organizing Jaipur tour by bus which helps you to explore all the famous places of this city.

The age-old structures and palaces in Jaipur are sure to leave you stunned with their attractiveness. If you love traveling and want to gain some experience in life through exploring different parts of the world then you should undeniably plan your trip to Jaipur. 

Here are 6 reasons why people from around the globe love visiting Jaipur:

Huge Stretches Of Deserts

In this historic city, you will find huge stretch lands of desserts that will surely make you fall in love with their beauty. When exploring the deserts, don’t forget to go for a camel ride. 

There are also several retreats here that are famous for treating all the travelers like royal Rajput and offer an insight into the Marwari culture. 

Beautiful Monuments 

The town has numerous beautiful forts and palaces that are constructed by the rulers. After exploring the forts and other historical monuments, you will be charmed by their architecture because they perfectly convey the stories of Maharajas. 

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Trip To The Market 

The markets of the pink city offer a wide variety of things including lots of mirror work clothes, lac bangles, Resham embroidered tops, and salwar as well as precious stone jewelry that are sure to catch the attention of every woman. 

Johari Bazaar and Tripolia Bazaar are the two markets that you need to visit definitely. 

Amazing Cuisine

People love visiting Jaipur because of the food items like dal bati churma, gatte ki chutney, lassi, pyaaz ki kachori, ghevar, and roadside bhel puris are extremely delicious and beyond your expectations. 

The lip-smacking cuisine of this city is one of the biggest reasons for you to pack your bags and visit Jaipur.

Rajasthani Culture 

Remember that the dry deserts of Rajasthan are famed for their colorful puppet shows, folk music, dances as well as bandhej fabric work.

You should visit Jaipur to experience this wonderful culture to the fullest and also take back home some heritage pieces, heirlooms, and of course delightful memories. 

Festival Calendar

Every summer season, Jaipur explodes with red-capped turbans, tattooed brides, painted elephants as well as twirling beards for the celebration of Teej. It is the festival that is devoted to the Hindu goddess Parvati and her union with Shiva. 

In the month of March, a popular elephant festival is held which is considered as the topmost attraction of Jaipur.

During this festival, several events are conducted like the Kalbelia dance, the female peacock dance, and several other cultural events that are sure to leave you stunned. 

Therefore, these are 6 reasons why people love visiting the pink city. To visit Jaipur, you can get your bookings done today with India Incredible who also offers attractive Delhi sightseeing packages

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