How Much Basement Finishing Will Cost?

The most often asked question receive when talking to homeowners about basement finishing within the Denver area is; how much does basement remodeling cost?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all depends on your budget, your basement finish ideas, and what you want to accomplish with your basement remodel project.

Each and every basement that has been remodeled and finished in the Denver Metro area is different both in layout and cost, and everyone is very unique to its own.

Basement remodels costs depend on a number of factors. The first factor is determined by the final use of the basement.

Will it be used for storage, living quarters, workshop, home office, game room, music studio, etc.?

Then will the basement be an extra or primary floor to add on to the existing home? You need to calculate the final cost of the basement finishing denver before doing any remodeling to determine the number of materials you will require to finish the basement.

The cost of basement remodel varies based on the basement remodel process you choose. You can choose from the following basement remodel methods to complete a base ment. I will give you more information on each one of them in a bit.

Stucco –

This basement finishing method uses a type of staining paste to paint over damaged wood, and then fix small imperfections on the surface.

There may need to be some holes patched as well for plumbing and electrical conduits. Some stucco mixes may need to be adjusted to get a good result. If this is the method you choose for basement finish, it may cost you between six thousand to ten thousand dollars.

Wood Linings –

This basement method will involve adding a waterproof lining to prevent moisture from leaking into the home. It also protects against termites.

Depending on your home’s location, your finish may need to be re-varnished every couple of years, or it may be done once a year. One problem area with using wood linings is that it does not look right if the basement project is near an exterior wall.

Framing –

If the basement remodeling project involves new construction, the framing of the walls and floor will be required. The costs of framing methods can range anywhere from three thousand dollars to six thousand dollars.

One way to cut down on the cost of framing is to hire a professional to do the framing work. Make sure the framing job is finished properly before doing any basement finishing.

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