Mark Ridgers Goalkeeper who lets it all in.

Overall when he first joined Inverness Caley Thistle he was always the man who was willing to let all the goals in most matches for why caley was close to get thrown down the league below the champship why Caley management kept the goalkeeper always surprised me since he was not good enough for the league with his obbession to let goals in most of the time it was very clear he was not good enough for the league or full time football player position it was not within his skill level .

When it came today 23 of may for caley vs St-Johnson like usual he put his skills to good use for letting shot in this case he let in 6 goals which is worse than all goalkeepers should ever let in the second part of the play off match he manage to let in 4 out of 5 goals meaning he never even saved 50% of shots which is worse than under 16 year old goalie should be able to save so why is this guy in job which requires a man to be able to save?

Consider this if we put in place instead stick if the stick got hit it would do better than this man since at least it could complete the point of keeper to defend which this man always fails at.

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He always struggles to make if you like basic saves I watched him a few times with him lacking basic goalkeeper such as I watched him at Highland game struggle so bad in the past with him showing at best he’s at that level so why he is receiving at professional wage instead of the wage he deserves like £250 per month ?

Caley Thistle is a corrupt club full of men who never managed anything right or boy club as it’s known in the Highlands of Scotland since no one can understand how to buy or sell or do the job right instead of drinking tea or whisky as a director your job is to do things right not just put a suit on and look important for why things happen slow and that’s why Mark got job if you are slow him you are perfect of this club which is both sad and funny to me .

A goalkeeper’s basic purpose is to save the shot for example a straight shot while Mark instead always moves into the wrong position so goals more less guaranteed to happen each time he keeps of showing for why he’s joke at his job .

Whenever a shot goes this person way more less always lacks the skills or intelligence to make the save for example goes the wrong way or does the wrong move so nothing ever can be done right by the person since has not the right training or skills if not Caley could have got promoted like 2 seasons got but when you have a person in business who always fails you need to sack this person and pay someone who is good at the task on hand instead of being always wrong like this person.

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