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Sonic the Hedgehog

Introduction into Sonic he was Sega mascot to make Sega seem cool or interesting or important and to try and take on  Nintendo  into the past of the retro gamed of Snes and Megadrive time period Sonic was meant to be for more adult or cooler kids than Mario was in some ways.

Sonic was more like how a teenager would act compared to how Mario acted in some ways acted like an older man to help look after kids meaning you could say in some ways that made Sonic cooler.

Sonic mean skill was his fast speed which is why he was so popular with older people doing his heyday of the 1990s when the  Retro wars of the past took place and Sonic was something Sega heavily promoted to try and get more people to buy over Super Mario games overall.

Sonic was featured first on an actual Tennis game which a lot of people don’t know about as such as most people think he was just invented in the first Sonic game in reality that was not the case.…-,SPORTS,Twitch%2C%20YouTube%2C%20Disco%20Melee%2C%20and%20more.%20If%20you%20are%20a%20gamer%2C…,-TECH

The sonic cartoon was invented which for me as a kid I preferred into Super Mario since Sonic was more like a rebel superhero instead of like Mario being a polite plumber guy .

The creator of Sonic made Sonic not be able to swim because he thought Hedgehogs could not swim which to me in a weird way his mistake on animals make the games better in my thoughts .

The most rebel like a character in Sonic would be Knuckle he was red colours and could float and had a more fighter or kind of like the older brother of Sonic for why he was more like hero but antihero in some ways for how he acts in games for why many people actually ditched Sonic for Knuckles which was me included.

Tails were like a Fox who could fly he was kind of the less popular character of the main heroes but some people preferred him for his flying skills it was more like playing as chess master for his skills of him compared to the other two since not that good in straight on combat but was good in like air attacks so you could take out flying enemies often very easy which was cool and exciting to me overall.

Tails had also more of a woman fan group than men for most of the time but some men likes as well to be fair.

Sonic was probably the fastest platformer ever made since Sonic would movies fast you would often find making jumps could become hard or easy depending on where you do the jump each time in some ways you could argue that Sonic was like a real arcade experience from the comfort of are homes often for how fast placed it was overall.

You could also play the games in the arcade if you compare these games you will often find it is very similar to how the gameplay would often happen which is both cool and exciting to me overall which is why many people still play older games from the Megadrive even today that does not look likely of dying out anytime soon since it was such as classic experience playing Sonic 1 or 2 or any other ones but the modern ones in like 3d don’t feel as good to me overall and the first 3d game SEGA mega was very bad play wise since it was in some ways to ahead of time and also I suspect it was rushed to much which did not help it be good overall.


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