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US Vow to Counter Iran’s Missile Program

The United States has promised a large-scale military exercise in the Persian Gulf this month as a show of force against Iran, which is seeking nuclear weapons. This would be a direct challenge to Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who is calling for a war with Israel and the United States.

Israel and the United States are allies in their efforts to deter Iran from getting nuclear weapons. In the past decade, Iran has repeatedly denied it was trying to build nuclear weapons, despite its own statements to the contrary. But now, it seems that Iran is willing to change its stance.

“The Iranian leadership has not declared a war plan, so the United States can only guess what they’re going to do,” says Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Iran’s weapons shipments

“The key is to be ready to intercept Iran’s weapons shipments, especially if they make a misstep by getting on to Iraq or Syria.” Although the United States hasn’t officially taken military action yet in the Persian Gulf region, there are intelligence analysts working in various agencies and departments of the Department of Defense to identify any signs that Iran might try to get their nuclear weapons materials through the region.

“The most likely scenario is that Iran will be testing out their new cruise missile,” says Dubowitz. “It appears that they’ve gotten some guidance from Hezbollah,” an international terrorist group. According to Dubowitz, “If they use their missile to strike Israel, there will be a lot of international criticism and the international community will be put under pressure to stop them before they do any damage.”

If Israel or the United States is hit by a missile launched from Iran, the Iranian response will likely be a nuclear test to prove that they can and will hold their nuclear weapons. The United States will also likely use its massive nuclear arsenal to counter the test. In this way, the United States will demonstrate that it can and will protect itself and its ally Israel.

“The United States will want to prevent the Iranian regime from developing nuclear weapons,” says Mark Dubowitz. But what they don’t realize is that Iran is currently producing a huge amount of enriched uranium, which they would use to make nuclear weapons, which they will only need to develop a nuclear power plant to produce enough electricity to run their missile program.

The United States has already demonstrated its willingness to attack Iran if they do decide to obtain a nuclear weapon, even after it has been discovered that the country is working on nuclear weapons. In the Gulf war last year, the United States and Iran each claimed they had the ability to destroy Israel, so both countries signed an agreement that called for “hot pursuit” missions to destroy each other’s nuclear facilities.

Israel was attacked first and the United States came into the conflict after the Israeli government said they could destroy Iranian nuclear weapons without destroying its civilian population.

The United States didn’t want to risk being attacked by a nuclear weapon. The United States came to the Gulf of Oman, where Iran has a large port, and attacked a military base there. The United States attacked a major oil refinery and other Iranian targets to discourage the use of nuclear weapons.

If the United States decides to fight, the Iranian government will likely respond with an air strike on the United States. The United States will launch the Navy into the Persian Gulf to attack Iranian forces in the Gulf. In other words, if the United States decides to go to war with Iran, it will attack both their air bases and their underground nuclear sites and their surface-to-air missile sites. The United States Navy would likely target Iranian airfields from a distance.

A nuclear weapon would be difficult to detect and eliminate if it were deployed in large numbers, so if the United States attacks Iran, it will target its nuclear sites from a distance. In fact, the United States has already done exactly that, attacking suspected nuclear weapons facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

If a nuclear weapon is ever used against Israel or the United States, it will be very devastating to the United States, and Israel. It will not only kill the civilians in Iran, but also the United States and Israel will suffer greatly.

Iran and the United States have a treaty known as the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which the United States is obligated to honor, and the United States must give up its nuclear weapons if Iran ever tries to use a nuclear weapon against a third party.

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