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Political Relationships Between China and the U.S




In recent years, there has been no greater international relationship than that which exists between China and the United States. In fact, there will probably be no G-2, but how two powerful nations deal with relations will undoubtedly make an enormous difference in the direction of the world in the coming years. In the end, it may just be a matter of the United States catching up with China in terms of economic and technological development, but this time around the tide may be turning against them.

If you were to talk to the most knowledgeable Chinese, they would tell you that they don’t like competition, and they have been doing their best to keep their economy strong, while also maintaining a tight grip on the rest of the world’s resources. But as China gets richer, it will become more interested in the things that make the other nations strong and become less interested in those that make them poor. At some point, the competition will become the only thing to keep Chinese growth and prosperity rolling.

China and the United States

So how do you think the United States and China are doing economically these days? Well, it’s a close, competitive battle. The United States has been able to catch up with China in terms of GDP per capita and even surpassed Japan for that honor in several different areas. But in terms of raw materials and exports, the U.S. still lags behind China.

This is where the economic divide between China and the United States becomes really clear. If the U.S. wants to catch up with China, it needs to find alternative sources of income in order to make up for the lost ground to China’s giant economy.

However, it is probably too late for the United States to catch up with China in this area, as the U.S. economy has been too busy being sucked into the “globalization” process for so long. And what is meant by globalization here is nothing more than American companies starting up new businesses in Asia and China to tap into the huge untapped consumer markets there. It would be far better for the United States to continue trying to play catch-up with China through trade deals and the World Trade Organization, rather than playing catch-up with China through trade agreements.

Still, there are some ways to improve relations between the United States and China. It will take time, but there are some things we can do to improve relations with China. for the future.

For example, the United States and China should start negotiating more openly with one another, particularly when it comes to issues such as human rights, free trade, the environment, and trade issues. Of course, China’s economy is getting worse as the population ages, and they need to invest more in infrastructure and medical research to keep their economy strong. They also need to make sure they are not getting left behind in the technology race.

And of course, they need to realize that the future of the Chinese economy will look quite different from the present, and if the United States continues its policy of economic isolationism, they need to learn to work with America in order to compete. But, even though economic and technological progress will have to happen simultaneously, if the Chinese are smart they will continue to cooperate with us to stay ahead of us. At some point, both countries will have to decide whether they want to stay independent or join forces, which could be sooner than later.

There are some things we should be doing in terms of economic relations with China. We should be looking for economic deals that will benefit both sides, and we should not focus only on economic relationships that we can do with China. We need to find more economic deals that can benefit both sides economically, politically, and diplomatically.

And even though the economic relationship between the two countries is not as bad as it was during the Nixon Administration, it is not good enough. We have to look for economic deals to benefit the United States, politically, economically, and diplomatically. and look for deals that benefit China as well.

The United States needs to stop focusing primarily on trade and concentrate more on economic relations. because it is going to become more important than ever before in this competitive economic climate, as the U.S. economy gets weaker. This means that economic relationships should be as important as political relationships.

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US Elections – Social media memes mock the slow counting of ballots



Social media memes

With the nation waking up to yet another day of uncertainty as several critical swing states are still in play, Americans are turning to Social media memes for some much-needed light relief. 

Twitter and Instagram have gone into overdrive with memes mocking the slow counting of ballots as the election hangs in the balance of votes yet to be tallied in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Nevada is bearing the brunt of the jokes as going into Thursday morning it still had roughly 25 percent of ballots left to tally after it temporarily suspended vote-counting overnight for a second night.

The state, which is expected to swing toward Joe Biden and where Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit claiming voter fraud, then delayed announcing its result from noon Thursday as it scrambles to count the remaining 200,000 votes there. 

Nevada carries just 6 electoral college votes but ballot counters in the Silver State – many of whom are local volunteers – have found the spotlight of the nation on them as those votes could spell victory for Biden.  

Biden currently leads with 264 of the 270 electoral college votes needed to claim the White House, meaning Nevada’s 6 would take him to a win. 

He is currently leading by around 12,000 votes – around 1 percent – in the state, where people have voted Democrat for the last 16 years.  

However, Biden’s tally of 264 includes Arizona which Fox News and the Associated Press called for him early on Wednesday while votes were still being counted. 

The state holds 11 crucial college votes but, since it was called, Trump has narrowed Biden’s comfortable lead in the state leaving the outcome now up in the air. 

Arizona will not finalize its results until tomorrow, nor will Pennsylvania – which said prior to election day that all counting wouldn’t be completed until Friday once all mail-in ballots come in – while Georgia is expected to announce by the end of the day. 

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It’s unclear when North Carolina will announce, but it is expected to go to Trump as it did in 2016.

If Biden holds Arizona, he would only need to win one of either Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina or Pennsylvania to claim victory. 

But if he loses the state, Trump goes from 214 electoral college votes to 225. Trump would then only need 42 additional electoral college votes from Georgia (16), North Carolina (15) and Pennsylvania (20) – all states in which he is leading – to claim victory, assuming he also wins Alaska’s three electoral college votes which he is all but guaranteed to. 

This means all eyes are on Nevada and the volunteers in the counting centers processing the state’s votes, and impatient social media users are poking fun at the length of time being taken to get results.

Social media memes

Social media memes

With the nation waking up to yet another day of uncertainty as several critical swing states are still in play, Americans are turning to social media for some much-needed light relief 

One person shared an image of the character Flash Slothmore – the sloth from Disney film Zootopia – smiling with the phrase: ‘This is the mf counting ballots in Nevada.’

The iconic moment in Titanic where Rose says ‘it’s been 84 years…’ since she sailed on the doomed vessel was also a fitting example of how voters feel with the counting rumbling on. 

‘When Nevada finally finishes counting,’ someone wrote alongside the snip from the blockbuster film. 

The state was also likened to the comical character Mr Bean by one user who shared a picture and wrote: ‘We all have that one friend who is late for everything.’ 

Another person shared footage of Judge Judy tapping her watch impatiently – a not so subtle aim at the state’s counting process – while another posted a clip of reality star Tanisha Thomas banging a pan in TV series Bad Girls Club. 

‘Me working the Nevada poll workers up to finish counting,’ they wrote.  

Others poked fun at Trump’s efforts to derail the election as he has filed multiple lawsuits to stop counting in several states and pro-Trump supporters descended on a counting center in Maricopa County, Arizona, Wednesday to demand all votes are counted, while descending on a separate counting center in Detroit, Michigan to demand the opposite – that all counting stop. 

One person posted a hilarious photo-shopped image of Trump sporting a wig, make-up and drop earrings as a disguise to get inside a polling station, alongside the caption: ‘I want to speak to the poll manager.’

Another compared the president to a Dracula Muppet character laughing ‘ah-ha-ha’. 

In another Social media memes, Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama were imagined poking fun at Trump.

Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media memes
More Social media memes
Social media memes
All eyes are on Nevada and the volunteers in the counting centers and impatient social media users are poking fun at the length of time being taken to process votes

All eyes are on Nevada and the volunteers in the counting centers and impatient social media users are poking fun at the length of time being taken to process votes

‘Biden: You’d think he’d get why it takes so long to manually count ballots.

‘Obama: Why Joe. Biden: Small hands,’ read the meme alongside a snap of the pair, with Obama’s head in his hands.   

Another social media user shared a meme of the iconic moment where Sandra Oh cried ‘Somebody sedate me’ in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

A new meaning was given to the phrase: ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’ with another person citing this as the tagline for ‘people in charge of counting votes in Nevada’.  

‘America: “U still up?”‘ wrote one person.

‘Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania: “new country, who dis?”  

Social media memes
Social media memes
Social media
Social media

Another person likened the suspense to being on tabloid talk show Maury known for its dramatic on-air moments where guests take DNA tests to prove or disprove paternity or lie-detector tests to expose cheatning. 

‘Feels like the whole country is on Maury waiting to find out who’s the father,’ they wrote.  

Several memes centered on the spoof character Ja’mie from Australian comedy series Summer Heights High, portrayed by actor Chris Lilley.

‘I am so random. I can’t believe I just did that,’ the character says alongside the caption: ‘Nevada vote counters deciding to take the day off mid-election.’ 

The light relief comes as Trump demanded the nation stop counting votes in the presidential election as his campaign launched a lawsuit in Nevada Thursday which could hand Joe Biden the presidency should he win its six electoral votes. 

Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia as Biden approaches the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency. 

In Wisconsin, a state called for Biden, the campaign has requested a recount. 


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