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Star of Netflix show Working Moms mocked online for her ‘super distracting’ thin upper lip



Catherine Reitman lips

Catherine Reitman, the star and creator of Netflix sitcom Working Moms, has become the subject of nasty tweets online – and not due to her performance as Kate in the hit show, but seemingly because of her upper lip (Catherine Reitman lips).

The California-native, 38, has a distinctively thin top lip underneath her cupid’s bow, although the sides of her upper lips seem perfectly plump.

While the actress has never commented on whether Catherine Reitman lips are a result of a ‘botched’ procedure, some reports claim the mom-of-two was the victim of a rogue plastic surgeon who injected them with silicone.

Catherine Reitman lips

Catherine Reitman lips

Cruel: The Los Angeles-born star has been subjected to mean tweets and comments online over her pout, with many users saying it’s stopping them ‘focusing’ on the show

In said reports, the star is rumored to have developed granulomas after the mismanaged procedure – a mass of tissue as a result of infection, inflammation, or the presence of a foreign substance – and was unable to close her mouth.

Although, gossip websites and Discover Magazine appear to use a ‘before’ photo from the TV show Botched – which admittedly bears more than a passing resemblance to Catherine – in a bid to compare her lips now and then.

Catherine, who is married to the actor Philip Sternberg who stars as her husband in the show, has never publicly commented on whether or not she had surgery.

The Toronto-based star once revealed that she was bullied for being a ‘really awkward-looking kid’ and that classmates would tease her with names like ‘horse mouth’.

In one notable scene in season one’s opening episode, she wrote in a line where her boss made fun of her for her mouth.

Acting as Kate, a harried advertising executive, and new mom, the Los Angeles-born star has received glowing reviews from viewers on social media.

Catherine Reitman lips

 Joker: The comedienne, pictured, even wrote a joke into the show about her lips in the opening episode

Catherine Reitman lips

Rumors: While rumors abound that the California-born actress had a bad lip filler procedure (avoid it altogether by going with an experienced lip filler injector), Catherine has never commented on the matter.

However, one thing remains apparent: the show’s audience is definitely hung up on Catherine’s lips.

‘Working moms is a decent show to watch… but I cannot deal with Kate’s lips overlapping her teeth. I can’t even watch her talk,’ a recent tweet read.

‘I just finished watching Working Moms and I still can’t get Kate’s lip out of my head. Like why does it look like that? Lip on the sides but no lip in the middle’ said another viewer.

Another recent post stated, ‘I started working moms but the lead character’s lips are driving me insane. Idk if I can watch her for long lol’.

Many took to the platform to question whether the ‘super distracting’ physical feature was ‘natural’.

‘What’s wrong with Kate’s lips on working moms? Is it natural or botched surgery,’ a user pondered.

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Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Ouch! Twitter users did not hold back on their jibes over actress Catherine's lips

In a no-holds-barred Reddit thread, users once again speculated about the former Always Sunny In Philadelphia star’s pout.

‘Personally I’ve always thought they’re a kind of cute quirk to her face,’ a commentator defended.

Others likened her appearance to that of her Slovak-Canadian father Ivan Reitman, who is the director of 1984 classic Ghostbusters – as well as Twins, Kindergarten Cop.

Ivan, 72, appears to have the same feature.

‘It’s weird because her dad kinda has the same Catherine Reitman lips (Ivan) I wonder if it’s a combo of odd lips genetically and bad fillers,’ another Reddit user wrote.

The cruel comments have been noticed by Catherine, who earlier this week retweeted a mention directed at her that read ‘honestly, weird mouth but I still love u’.

Praise: Her show, Working Moms, has been well received online - but many users are hung up  on her physical appearance -Catherine Reitman lips

Praise: Her show, Working Moms, has been well received online – but many users are hung up  on her physical appearance

Likeness: Some social media commentors referred to Ivan Reitman, pictured, Catherine's director father who appears to have the same thin upper lip

Likeness: Some social media commentors referred to Ivan Reitman, pictured, Catherine’s director father who appears to have the same thin upper lip 

Self-deprecating: The star retweeted a mention that called her mouth 'weird' and seemed to take the hurtful comment in good humor
Catherine Reitman lips

The comedienne simply captioned the blunt tweet, ‘I mean, I’ll take it.’

Fans rushed to her defense.

‘Honestly? I think your mouth is sexy as f**k,’ a female social media user responded.

‘I love your mouth. (In a normal way, of course). And thanks for the bada** show for moms like us,’ said another.

‘You do not have a weird [mouth]. You have a unique mouth. No one is made the same! What’s wrong with people! I love you and your show,’ praised a fan.

An impassioned user also jokingly stated, ‘ Also Catherine Reitman lips are gorgeous and I’ll fight the next person to say something bad [about] them.’

Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips
Catherine Reitman lips

Loyal: Other fans jumped to her defense, telling the actress that her mouth is ‘beautiful’ and ‘gorgeous’


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College Dorm Party Guide Tips



College Dorm Party 00w

Dorm rooms are typically tiny spaces, that is crowded with roommates and soiled socks on the floor and cold pizzas that is rotting away. It’s what you see on television but that’s true but it’s not necessarily true. Dorms can be a great place to foster friendship. Students often form lifelong friendships with their roommates as well as other students who they share their dorms with. Dorms are also great places to host a party since what is a better option to spend a night in a dorm room after an exam has ended?

If you’re throwing your first or nth college dorm party The goal should be the same. The party should leave an impression on your guests , and everyone should have an enjoyable time. Here are some helpful tips that can help you meet these objectives.

Are You able to throw an a- College Dorm Party?

It’s the first step. Are you able to host an event at a college dorm-themed partywithout being snubbed in the eyes of the residence advisors (RAs)? The answer is that it is dependent. Some dorms allow parties, while others don’t. It is possible to find out this by reading the house rules or talking to your RAs. You should be aware of the lawful requirements before you start planning the event. It’s not a good idea to have your efforts to be wasted. Worse, you could end up having your party closed 10 minutes after the event.

After you’ve confirmed that the event isn’t breaking any rules, you need to seek the consent of your roommates. A party that is not consulted with your roommates is a huge mistake. What if they’ve got important assignments due in the next day, or their parents are scheduled to visit? You might also consider contacting your neighbors, too. Every class has its own schedule so what is most effective for you might not be the most beneficial for everyone other.

The Dorm Event Planning Committee Collect Your People

It is much simpler to plan and host an event when there are two or more guests. It’s possible to do it solo with no doubt, but this means that you’ll have to handle all the tasks on your own. The work can be difficult: cleaning up prior to and after the party, buying food and beverages (who’s paying for it anyway? ) choosing a the theme, music, decorations, etc.

College Dorm Party Theme This is the Soul of the Party

Pick the theme. As with Halloween, when people dress in costumes of their favorite characters, choosing an appropriate theme helps your event stand out. The theme could be any thing. It could be a celebration of collegiate sports or your roommate’s birthday or even the conclusion of your midterms. The theme could be a specific fashion trends. For instance, you could make it a point to have everyone dress in pajamas or jersey outfits or even swimsuits. The art of throwing a memorable party is about exploring the boundaries. The main thing is that the theme should help make the event more enjoyable and not a chore.

Here are some ideas for themes to help you brainstorm ideas.

  • 51 theme college dorm party ideas from Actual Party Planners from StyleCaster. A few of the ideas listed are complicated enough for a basic dorm-themed party however they are enjoyable to see and you’ll definitely feel inspired after reading through this list.
  • 30 Instagram-worthy party ideas from EventBrite. The article isn’t accompanied by photos but the ideas are extremely innovative. They’ll definitely look amazing on Instagram when you achieve them.
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Dorm Party Guest List and Invitations How to Invite Who, What to Invite

It’s not an event if nobody is there (on thinking about it, perhaps a party with just one person is a fantastic idea). In any case, you’ll want to invite guests. Begin by estimating the many guests you could realistically manage to accommodate in your room. It’s not ideal for the event to be crowded. If you’re planning the number of guests, ensure there’s enough enough room for your guests to move about.

As the host of the party It’s your decision whom you invite. Here are some suggestions including classmates, friends roommates, dorm residents and residents advisors. The theme of the party it could be an equal mix of males and girls. If the theme is a girls evening, there will be no male guests. This could mean a huge event that is packed with guests or a smaller, more intimate gathering that allows guests to meet one another.

Invite your neighbors as well as the resident advisors. They are more likely not to make noise complaints when they’re at your event. The invitation will also give them an idea that guests will be coming to your home.

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What Are The Top 5 Casino Mysteries?



Online casinos like 메리트카지노 are growing in popularity today and people can play their favourite games and earn money from the comfort of the home or office. However, this luxury was so common 20 or 30 years ago when gamblers had to be physically present at a casino before they could have a go at the chance of walking out a millionaire. No doubt, the casino has made many millionaires but it’ll also shock you to know that the casino has its mysteries. 

As shocking as it may sound, beyond the glitz and glamour, the casino which has been known to be a place where people go to have fun, has its own fair share of unsolved mysteries. Over the years, there have been records of murder cases, disappearances, and heists happening in different casinos all over the world.

At this point, you now know that there are mysteries surrounding the casino; some have been solved and the rest unsolved. Of all the mysteries surrounding the casino, five of them seem to be the most bizarre. Surprised? You should be. Hence, in this article, we’ll be looking at the top 5 casino mysteries.

1. The Bill Brennan Heist

On September 22, 1992, a certain man named Bill Brennan who at the time worked at the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas managed to walk out of the casino with stolen money and chips to the tune of $507,361. It’s believed that he was able to achieve this feat by carefully and thoroughly observing the security systems to avoid being caught on the surveillance footage.

It became hard to pin the crime on Brennan since he wasn’t the type to cause trouble. However, according to people, he started acting differently after he asked for a promotion and the management refused because he spent time with a shady bettor at the casino.

Interestingly, a few months after the incident, the same bettor, who he spent time with disappeared as well which made authorities believe that the two of them probably orchestrated the crime together and split the goods. Until Bill Brennan is found, this crime will remain one of the most unsolved heists of all time.

2. The Murder of Jodie Bordeaux

On November 21, 1997, a woman named Jodie Bordeaux was shot in the head and killed by an unknown attacker who fired shots at the farmhouse where Jodie was living with her husband Shawn.

Why was she murdered? The reason why she was murdered is still unclear. Even though several suspects could be linked to her death; her husband believed someone from the Golden Eagle Casino was responsible for his wife’s death. 

The Casino was native-owned and Jodie wasn’t Native American, so it’s obvious some employers wouldn’t be too happy about the promotion. Days before she was killed, she received anonymous threats via phone calls. Jodie Bordeaux’s murder is one of the unsolved casino mysteries to date.

3. The Murder of Sonny Liston 

Sonny Liston a boxing champion was found dead (murdered) in his house, a few days before the New Year in 1970, in Las Vegas. However, authorities believe that the cause of his death was due to an accidental drug overdose but others believe there’s more to the story than drugs. 

Sonny Liston had an amazing career with 50 wins before he lost a couple of fights to Muhammad Ali in the 60s. After his career in boxing, Sonny Liston got himself into fights and spent his days visiting Las Vegas casinos regularly. The speculation going around about his death was that he got involved in a loan shark ring, and got punished by his bosses after he refused to fight with Chuck Wepner internationally.

A lot of people seem to believe that his death wasn’t an accident since he lived a mysterious life, had no records of his date of birth and kept underworld connections.

4. The Disappearance of Trevor Angell

Trevor Angell was a truck driver and in 2000 he set off on a trip between Los Angeles and Canada. At some point during the trip, he called his wife claiming that he hadn’t slept in four days and that he was planning to stop the business after he delivered the last load.

Days after he talked to his wife, Angell’s empty wallet was discovered on the front seat of the truck he used for work abandoned at Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Nevada. His ATM card that was found had been used to withdraw his paycheque nine times.

In Trevor’s case, it’s believed that he staged his own disappearance since witnesses claimed to have seen him in the car park looking sick the same day he was declared missing.

5. The Murder of Gail Ann Thompson

On the 3rd of May, 1996, a woman named Gail Anne Thompson wanted to stay a little longer in the Jackpot Casino in Nevada while her husband and friends decided to go to bed. However, it was later reported that she never returned to her hotel room.

She was later found dead with her head bashed with an unknown object and her throat slit. Gail’s case has a lot of discrepancies linked to her murder, including the fact that her husband didn’t seem all that bothered about his wife’s murder. Ever since Bobby died in 2000 and took all his secrets to the grave; the case has remained unsolved to this day.

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